I’m Linda. I’m 26 going on 70! I’m a weird old soul. I’m simultaneously childlike and old. How? I don’t know. Maybe because I’m the first born and I’m supposed to be responsible but I want to be free.

Threaded Roads

I love the colour pink and walks on the beach. I can never get enough of the sea breeze smell. And I write. Mostly in journals.

I write because I’m forgetful. I never remember anything that I do. It could be the best experience of my life and somehow I’ll forget the details. Sometimes I remember how I felt on a big life event but my brain usually needs a bit of coaxing out of its fog.

So I write stories and sometimes poems.

I write about everything.

I write about my often dismal attempts at getting healthy or fitter. I write about the places I’ve traveled to locally and internationally. I write about things that inspire me or make me cross.

Or maybe I just write about the random thoughts I have about life. I write about relationships with friends, family and BOYS! Don’t get me started on that! I’m a hopeless romantic!

Threaded Roads

I’m an ordinary girl just trying to live my life. I have ups and I certainly have my downs. I write to get stories out of my head. So go ahead, EXPLORE!

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