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The big gift opening day | Threaded Roads


Christmas morning is filled with so much excitement and wonder.

It’s a day that the shops have been preparing us for. I mean the shops have been blasting Christmas tunes since October! To much delight or maybe a slight tinge of annoyance.

But who could be annoyed by the most wonderful day of the year. The day of the big gift opening.

In my house you wouldn’t know it was the big opening day until the morning of Christmas.

Of course we have a Christmas tree and everything is decorated all so beautifully.

It’s quite obvious that it’s a Christmassy season in the house. But, the gifts don’t get put out till the night of Christmas Eve while everyone is fast asleep.

Come Christmas morning though, gifts wrappers and gift bags get torn open to deliver little bits of happiness and joy to the receiver of said gift.

At 27 years old, I can honestly say I still get excited to open Christmas presents. I just want to know what I got. Even if I hate it. Which I never do by the way!

It's about cherishing the moment | Threaded Roads

We don’t get loads and loads of presents. That’s not what Christmas gift giving is about with my family. At least for me, it’s about cherishing the moment. It’s about bringing joy and happiness. It’s about caring about someone with all your heart and finding a way to show this.

I always play up this big gift opening in my mind and on the day it never disappoints. Something lovely and sweet nearly always happens on this day.

Everyone puts so much effort into getting each other something that they think the person would like because well, they love them.

It makes me get all mushy inside. I just love, love. I’m sentimental like that. Plus, I always have a secret little cry about all the love that gets shown on Christmas day.

Linda xx

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