Christmas cooking disasters | Blogmas

Christmas cooking disasters | Threaded Roads


Not too long ago, I was a hot mess in the kitchen! I was bad. I was really really bad at cooking.

I honestly couldn’t have cared less about cooking even though I loved and still very much love eating. I have since improved my skills. I am now able to cook more than a boiled egg with confidence. I can now cook a lasagna! Lasagna people!

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The favourite Christmas | Blogmas

Designated Christmas baker | Threaded Roads


I’ve just been thinking about whether or not I’ve got a favourite Christmas. You would think that I would but I just can’t seem to remember one that was more incredible than the others. They’ve all been amazing and memorable and it would be so hard to choose.

I might not have a favourite Christmas but I do remember the Christmas that changed how I saw Christmas, in a way… There wasn’t anything that was completely different or unique to the other Christmases. It was just a day that I realized that it really was important to me.

The day itself was not necessarily important but what it meant as a whole. What was really important for me and still is now, are the people that I spend Christmas with. That’s what matters to me more than anything in the world.

I came to this grand epiphany the first year I left for varsity.

Really far away places | Threaded Roads

I’m not one to get homesick or miss people that much. I’ve travelled a lot and to really far away places for months at a time. But the first year in varsity was a year of a lot of firsts and to be quite frank it was really hard on me emotionally.

I’ve since grown from those experiences and become a better person. Well, I like to think I’m a better person anyways.

During those trying times, I definitely learnt who were the important people in my life.

It made me appreciate them more. And that’s what Christmas is for me. It’s a way to appreciate the people I love. Yeah I get them gifts to try and show them that I care but I think my actions really show more.

Weirdly I’m more loving on Christmas day. And I’m not shy about sharing that love with every single person who matters to me!

Linda xx

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New and silly Christmas traditions | Blogmas

New and silly Christmas traditions | Threaded Roads


I’ve started a new tradition in my family. Well at least it’s a tradition that my family follows along with because it’s the nice thing to do. But secretly (at least I’d like to think they do) they find it as hilarious as I do.

I’ve have a slight obsession with the ridiculous things in life. If it’s outrageously cute, I want it in my life and I want it now. If it’s the silliest thing you’ve ever seen, I’m probably going to find it funny as hell. I’m just strange like that!

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Believing in Santa Claus | Blogmas

Believing in Santa Claus | Threaded Roads


I’m embarrassed to say that I believed in Santa for longer than I should of.

The idea of him was just so appealing for me. Santa to me, was a bringer of joy. So why would I not want to believe in the wonders that he did and the happiness that he brought to so many kids around the world?

This big bellied man in a scarlet suit was able to do impossible things. I mean, the man could squeeze himself down the tiniest of chimneys!

I stopped believing in him because that what was expected of me.

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