A birthday still on my mind…

A birthday still on my mind | Threaded Roads


I realize that I’ve already done a birthday post but it’s what has been on my mind. It’s been a couple of weeks since my birthday but I still think about it.

Also, it’s almost like everyone’s born day is during the wonderful month of October. With all the October babies in my life, I can’t help but think of birthdays.

The funny thing about birthdays, as wonderful as they are, they make you think of your own mortality. The idea of death seems more imminent.

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The friendship crisis: Friendships as an adult

The friendship crisis: Friendships as an adult | Threaded Roads


Isn’t it strange that as an adult your friendships change quite drastically? You might even call it a friendship crisis. Friends just drop out of your life faster than you can blink. They often drop to critical levels.

Where once you had a good few people that you called friends, you now can count the ones that really matter to you on one hand.

You see, as you get older, you get busier. You just don’t have any time to commit to more relationships. Family and romantic partners take up a huge chunk of your time. On top of that you have real adult responsibilities.

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Guy friends, girlfriends and loads of drama

Guy friends, girlfriends and loads of drama | Threaded Roads


I don’t have many guy friends and I specifically keep it that way. I find it can be quite uncomfortable sometimes. Especially if one of you likes the other but the other has seriously friend zoned you. It’s just all kinds of embarrassing and red face inducing.

Of course there are pros to having guy friends. For instance no drama!

Oh the drama with having so many girl friends.

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The husband of my dreams

The husband of my dreams | Threaded Roads


As a single person I am always on the hunt for Mr. Right. I love monogamy. So finding a husband is necessary. Plus I’m all for finding the Notebook kinda love!

The thing is, it’s tough finding a fish in this large ocean that is the world. I have high standards for my future man.

My dream husband needs to be my very own Ryan Reynolds. Funny, charming and oh my gawd hot!

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Being a bridesmaid is the worst honour ever?


Being a bridesmaid is the worst honour ever? | Threaded Roads


I was just at my cousin’s wedding a couple of weeks ago and it made me think of how sometimes being a bridesmaid is the worst honour ever! Yes, it comes with its’ glorious name but at some point that is just not good enough.

I’ve been a bridesmaid and I’ve both loved it and hated.

Each experience has been different but there are definitely three things that were of significance in every bridesmaid ‘honouring’ I’ve ever had.

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