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Failing at Christmas Pinterest DIYs | Threaded Roads


Aah it’s that time of the year. You know! That time of the year when you decide to ignore going to the high streets per say and you regrettably decide to DIY it, Pinterest style!

I’ll be honest I do it to myself every year without fail.

I love Pinterest but it is my worst enemy in a strange and twisted kind of way.

You see, I love to pin things. I’m always on Pinterest looking for inspiration. Christmas inspiration is my go to. I fall into a terrible wormhole that I can’t stop for several hours.

A lot of time is wasted on Pinterest. Eventually I get duped by a pin that claims you can make a snow globe in less than 5 simple steps with only 2 items.

It's not easy | Threaded Roads

Let’s not lie, those pins are pretty convincing. They’re manicured in such a way that you’r completely fooled. I mean, it looks so easy therefore it must be easy!


Well, no! No it’s not easy! It’s damn hard and it certainly doesn’t take 5 ‘simple’ steps at all. If any, there has to be at least 100 steps. Not to mention, your fat fingers keep smudging everything you touch!

I don’t know how many snow globe cookies I’ve attempted to bake that have turned into a giant blob that resembles a crime scene.

Okay, okay. Maybe the crime scene cookies taste really good but as far as it looking beautiful? That’s a big fat NO! It doesn’t matter how many times I re-bake the cookies, they just don’t look like Pinterest snow globes.

At the end of the day, Pinterest DIYs can be a total waste of your time.

I’m good with my hands but somehow my Pinterest attempts always end up in an epic failure. It results in me having to go to the shops anyways. It’s what I probably should always do from the get go.

But every year I convince myself that I can do it. Maybe next year! Maybe!

Linda xx

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