Hoarding gift wrappers and gift bags | Blogmas

Hoarding gift wrappers and gift bags | Threaded Roads


Every year I unintentionally recycle gift wrappers and gift bags. This is mostly due to the fact that I’m a partial, dare I say it, hoarder. There I said it.

I don’t do it on purpose though. Most of the time I don’t even realize that I have so many wrappers and gift bags tucked away into the depths of my cupboards.

In the past when I went Christmas shopping I would find wrappers and bags that were so cute or just too adorable. I had to get them because they were the perfect fit for a gift that I got for a family member or a friend.

Over time I end up with so many of them. My cupboards were and still are chock full of them in every shade of green, red and gold.

Slowly but surely | Threaded Roads

Slowly but surely the amount started to dwindle as I gave them away year by year. Slowly but surely.

But, my hoarding tendencies didn’t stop.

Instead of buying new gift bags, I redirected my need to keep all things cute by keeping all the wrappers and gift bags I got from other people.

It’s an uncontrollable urge. Cute things get me every single time! Unfortunately this means my cupboards are filling up all the time.

So now I upcycle my wrappers and bags. I carefully remove any notes written to me and repackage it so well that you wouldn’t know that I got that same wrapper last year!

Of course I would never give someone the same gift box they gave me! I’m not that crazy! Although it is pretty crazy that I recycle gift wrappers and gift boxes.

But you can’t let such cuteness go to waste! All those little reindeers and fat Santa Claus’ wrappers need a home. They need to be shared with the world!

Linda xx

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