Homeware things and curtain nightmares

Homeware things and curtain nightmares | Threaded Roads


Not too long ago I was a novice in the realm of homeware.

It was a mystical place where ‘real’ grown-ups went. A place were adult things happened. People who seemed well put together and wore fancy and expensive as hell loafers went in there.

Ah little did I know that that’s where adults go to find a little bit of heaven!

But I won’t lie, for a first timer it can be a bit of a hellish nightmare.

There are things everywhere in different sizes, shapes and colours. There is so much going on and so many options. You don’t know if the thing you’ve picked out is a bargain or a rip off. It can be confusing AF.

The first time I went into a homeware shop, I was looking for curtains to hang on my apartment windows. Nothing complicated. Just simple curtains to make my apartment more homely.

I walked into my local homeware shop and headed for the curtain aisle. That alone was a mission in itself. The maze that was that stop! I finally found the curtains. But to much my surprise, I found that there was an assortment of curtains to choose from.

Some curtains had huge hoops in them (I had no clue that they were to thread the curtains through the curtain rod), some had ruching, some were too long and some were too short. It was a confusing nightmare!

Smells like heaven | Threaded Roads

Today, going into a homeware shop is a wonderful treat. I love it! They’ve always got that yoga music going in the background and it’s full of Pinterest worthy inspiration. Plus it always smells like HEAVEN.

Just thinking about going into my local homeware store makes me feel so peaceful.

All the different options bring me so much joy. I love trying to find the best bargains or the best quality of even simple things like curtains. I walk into homeware shops like a boss!

Your girl is adulting like the best out there. Well at least, I attempt too!

Linda xx

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