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How Christmas day is spent | Threaded Roads


Christmas day!


It’s an exciting day for me. I love it. I love the magic of it all. There is literally so much love going round. And that feel good vibe that you get is so contagious.

It’s really hard to ruin Christmas. People are literally purposefully being nice and showing people they care about, that they love them. Love is in the air, people.

My Christmas usually starts pretty early. Not as early as it used to when I was a kid. I literally would wake up before the sun rose and wait for the sun to rise.

For some bizarre reason, I thought Christmas hadn’t started till the sun rose.

Fortunately we have a summer Christmas and the sun is usually up by 04:45. I don’t wake up that early anymore. Girl’s gotta get her shut eye.

I've gotten to an age where I appreciate socks | Threaded Roads

I start of by unwrapping all my presents. Which 90% of the time, I’m absolutely thrilled with. Especially when I get socks.

I’ve gotten to an age where I appreciate socks because you always need socks. Because the washing machine has a nasty habit of eating socks and not returning them to me!

I then look around to see what other people have gotten. My family is so laid back that they will spend all morning opening one present at a time. It drives me nuts. I want to know what they got too! I want to know do they love they’re presents! Aah! I need to know now!

Sometime in the morning we go to church. And when we get back, it’s a mad house. It’s kicking off in the kitchen, Christmas music is playing, and guests are arriving. People are actively happy and creating wondrous chaos.

It’s magical.

We have our Christmas lunch and stuff our faces. I literally gain about 10kg because I’ve had about 4 possibly 5 helpings of turkey. Not to mention, the Christmas cookies I’ve been snacking on all day.

The day finally ends with everyone chilling and having a little chat about how great a day it’s been. Everything mellows out and I just feel so so good. Just blissful.

Linda xx

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