The side effect of being an adult

The side effect of being an adult | Threaded Roads


Being an adult is so strange and weird to me. I’m 26 years old but I still feel very much like a child. There are so many situations where I’ve been like, I need an adult around to supervise this BS only to realise I am the adult supervising this BS!

And that is sometimes, quite a scary thing.

Being an adult is plain and simple, scary!

I mean not only do you have to be an actual adult but, your metabolism suddenly hates you and you get fat really easily! Looking at cake actually makes you gain 10kg! And that is a major side effect!

Times have changed | Threaded Roads

I remember when I was around 16 I was addicted to Milo and Cadbury chocolate bars. I used to have two whole chocolate bars to myself, twice a day without fail. I didn’t gain a single kilogram. Not even a wee little kilogram. Toothpicks looked at me and said, ‘Damn girl, you’re skinny!’

Alas those were the days! Times have changed.

I now spend the large majority of my time in the shopping aisles arguing with myself about whether or not getting the chocolate bar is worth it in the end. Is that 30 second moment of bliss really worth it? Because that’s exactly how long it takes me to scoff down a whole chocolate bar!

Having said all this, being an adult can sometimes be really amazing and great. Your life is yours to handle however you see fit. You are literally in control of your life. You have the freedom to do whatever you want, whenever you want.

Nobody can really tell you that you shouldn’t do what you want to do because well, you’re a 26 year old grown ass woman! Do you, boo! So if you really want to eat that chocolate bar, eat it!

Cause honestly who cares if it turns you into a rolly polly!

Linda xx

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