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The night before Christmas | Threaded Roads


The night before Christmas is what I like to consider the good night. It’s the night before the chaos truly begins. It’s the night before magic happens.

Honestly, it’s the second most exciting day.

Christmas is the most exciting day btw.

Christmas Eve is the perfect mix of anticipation and sleepless excitement. It’s all about the final wait for a day that, well I’ve been waiting ALL year for. I usually feeling like I’m about to burst with joy on Christmas eve.

But I know that I can’t. Not yet. I need to wait, just 24 more hours before I can explode and spill my happiness everywhere and anywhere!

That night is usually when the final preparations are made for the epic celebration, feasting and family time that will be had on Christmas day. And quite often that includes a lot of last minute shopping.

Yeah, I’ve spent the whole year dreaming of the perfect gift to give but somehow I always have to dash out and get someone a gift.

Lucky for me, the last minute chaos is never felt by me alone. My brothers and I will pop to the shops together and find ourselves separated because of the mass of people doing just what we’re doing. Fortunately that’s a good thing because it means I can get them a gift without them knowing what it is.

The buzz is in the air | Threaded Roads

But the buzz is in the air. Everyone in the shops is feeling that anticipation and it feels so good.

When I was younger the anticipation used to be too much for me and I’d always beg to open a gift early so that I could burst the happy pressure bubble just a little bit.

But alas, the night before Christmas would remain a night of anticipation and wonder about that giant cherry red gift box!

Linda xx

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